Donofrio Comment Thread Highlight–A Teaching Moment

  1. Leo,

    I am an Englishman (sadly categorized as a British Citizen, or Subject), married to a natural-born American, and have served eight years in the U.S. Army. I left England when I was 21 (upon graduating from university) with my American wife, who graciously condescenced to have me as her husband, after we met during her junior year abroad. We have four girls, all born in the U.S. .

    So, four girls, all born of an American mother, and an English father; all four born in the U.S., and all of them are disqualified as a matter of law from being President, as they are not natural-born.

    Is that a correct summation of the matter?

    [ed. If you had become a US citizen before you had your daughters then they would be NBC.]

    I understand the reasoning for the law, sort of a prophylactic measure: but there are times, perhaps, where questions of dual or divided loyalty is an issue as a matter of fact, even if the law cannot disqualify a man, and vice versa – where the law disqualifies, even though there is no divided loyalty, as a matter of fact.

    The law is the law though, and if we want it changed, the Constitution provides a clear and transparent process to do so.

    I appreciate the education you have provided. I suppose I am going to have to revise one of my future “up and at ‘em” speeches to my children. You’ve got to laugh: I’m disqualified by law from being King of England lol (or PM in reality) because I’m Catholic; my American children are disqualified from being President because they are not natural born.

    You get Jimmy Carter, but wouldn’t be allowed Winston Churchill (his mum was American as you all know). What a world :-) .

    Good luck Leo!!! To the end. The very idea that ANYONE would really believe they were too important to have the law apply to them is nauseating. The United States is the world’s only, truly, revolutionary power: this republic is our best hope.

    “The government of a nation may be usurped by the forcible intrusion of an individual into the throne. But to conquer its will so as to rest the right on that, the only legitimate basis, requires long acquiescence and cessation of all opposition.” –Thomas Jefferson to —-, 1825. ME 16:127

    [ed. EXCELLENT quote


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