Socialized Healthcare: An Obsession with Death, Not With Saving Lives (This woman was 26 years old)

Consultant psychiatrist Bernardo Garcia, who saw Miss Wooltorton in the months before her death, said he believed she was capable of drawing up an advanced decision letter.

Miss Wooltorton, who lived alone in a flat in Norwich, had attempted suicide by drinking antifreeze nine times in less than a year.
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Doctors in the US are taught to take care of a suicidal patient;  save  that person’s life first and foremost;  only then do you concern yourself with any legal consequences.   By definition,  in almost all instances  when  someone is  trying to take his own life, that person  is not mentally competent.     In healthcare systems obsessed with end of life counseling such as has been proposed by Obama and friends , there is a perverted interest in death and eugenics.   The argument goes something like this: any person attempting suicide is somehow “damaged” and will not contributute to society.   Not only is such a person expendable, but even more importantly, society must not spend any precious resources on a  damaged person.

No doctor in a US emergency room would ponder a young person’s “death note.”     But this country does not celebrate every human life as invaluable–we presently allow abortion.    Wait until the day your doctor will be taught to first asses the value of your life before he makes a decision to save you.


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