Obama, aka “Awe Kooda Bilaxpak Kuxshish,” was “adopted” by Native American Crow Indians in May 2008


This was posted in one of Donofrio’s comments threads, but  the poster said Obama’s  “adoption” happened in May 2009, which of course did not make sense.  Obama was adopted by a couple in the Crow tribe in May 2008 while on the campaign trail.     And of course members of the tribe participated in Obama’s inaugural  ceremony.    Brings up the question:  How many times has Obama been adopted in his lifetime?

Leo found this excerpt interesting:

[ed. You never know what we may find…the following passage was interesting:

“The adoption may also be considered to be of legal and constitutional significance. Some American Indian tribal law and order codes provide for legal adoption of adults, formally effected by way of a decree or similar legal record. A few reports suggest that the adoption of President Obama by Hartford and Mary Black Eagle was merely an honorary one, though the report in the Washington Post indicates that a “revered compact” was made between the parties. President Obama appears to have set a landmark precedent.”]


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