Lame Cherry explains Barry Soetoro becoming Barack Hussein Obama

I have to admit I don’t always completely understand everything written by LameCherry,  but he is a good researcher and has a flair for writing that is unique.

This post concerns the mysterious story of  Stanley Ann and Soetoro’s divorce decree becoming final on the Saturday after Thanksgiving in 1988.  That means a judge signed the decree when the courts  were closed for the holiday—what or who prompted a judge to do that?

It is worth reading the article but if you don’t have time, here is the addenda to the article:  (“No more Barry” refers to Barry Soetoro now assuming the name Barack Hussein Obama.)

The Soetoro divorce case did not terminate until 11/26/1988. Check the dates and you will discover that this was on Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend. courts aren’t open on Sat. As there are no court fees I have to assume someone visited the judge at home and he signed and dated something that terminated the case. Someone needed that divorce finalized ASAP. Also, according to his sister Maya, “on Thanksgiving in 1988,”Obama told them “no more Barry.” If I were a betting person, I would wager that any request for amending his bc would be in 1988.

Initiation Date: 08-20-1980 Initiation Type: P Confidential Code: N
Initiator I.D.: A1530 Division: Court: F
Cause of Action: DIVORCE Nature of Action: 01018
Section Code:
Trial Type: Trial Judge: Court Costs: 0000000000
Consolidation Code:
Case Disposition: Case Termination: Case Termination Date: 11-26-1988
Orig. Agency: Lower Court Case:
Taxation Dist.: Tax Appeal Source:
Gen. Ex. Tax Amt.: 0000000000 Gen. Ex. Tax No.: Tax Key:
Property Location:


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