IMAC in Baucus bill will destroy Medicare: There will be no doctors

Scary article at American Thinker about  how the Independent Medicare Advisory Commission is in the Baucus bill after being reportedly removed from HR3200.   IMAC allows Obama to appoint his death panel loving cronies to decide what Medicare benefits will be allowed and how much doctors will be paid. No matter what rationing is incorporated into Medicare,  if there are further cuts in Medicare reimbursement to physicians,  it will be time to throw in the towel for doctors who are  going to lose more money every time they see a Medicare patient.   Not even the revered Mayo Clinic can afford to see Medicare patients at the CURRENT reimbursement rate–Mayo has tacked on a $55 or more “facility fee”  to their private patient office visit to break even with their Medicare losses.

Harry Reid is threatening the “reconciliation” process;  I sure hope Dr. Coburn used the August break to study up on how to obstruct  this process or we are doomed.    Pelosi is giving the finger to the Blue Dogs and re-instating the full leftist agenda including the public option.    Mike Ross says he will listen to the good people in Arkansas and vote against any form of the public option   Let’s see if the Blue Dogs bark,  or  lie down and roll over.


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