At last, Leo Donofrio’s POTUS eligibility/ dissertation on Fukino & Akubo in Hawaii         SEE ADDENDA below

TerriK  Investigation  PART 1

This is a legalistic explanation of exactly how Fukino et al were not entirely truthful in written statements sent to TerriK,   and how they did not (by Hawaii law) direct TerriK to the relevant statutes and sub-statutes  to help her in her quest.   TerriK did not understand the legal language completely and definitely needed Leo the lawyer to ferret out a valid legal way to confront the Hawaii officials,  revealing their intentional  “misdirection” of a citizen.

As in most every court case, it is not the truth of the issue that prevails, but the more brilliant lawyer that decides the outcome.    I would bet on Leo over AG Mark Bennett.    But as we have learned in all things regarding Obama elibigility,   it is the judge who holds the power.

ADDENDA::  Please read the back and forth comment of ” Nellie”  at 10:01 am with Leo’s responses–best way to get a handle on the issues.


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One Response to “At last, Leo Donofrio’s POTUS eligibility/ dissertation on Fukino & Akubo in Hawaii”

  1. Joe The Blogger Says:

    Given Mr Obama’s propensity to co-opt and compromise people, who could potentially harm his massive selfish ambitions, I think it would be worth bearing in mind, as you progress through this investigation and litigation, that Mr Obama, or his henchmen, may have persuaded Hawai’ian officials to make UNLAWFUL ALTERATIONS to his vital records. In this way, Mr Obama can RELY on them, for the sake of their OWN SELF-PRESERVATION to PERMANENTLY COVER-UP these UNLAWFUL ALTERATIONS.

    I would not be at all surprised if this doesn’t turn out to be the biggest national scandal since Watergate.

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