Why I stopped donating to the Catholic Church


As a lifelong Catholic who went to Catholic schools through 9th grade,  and who sent our son to Catholic  schools through 12th grade,   I had to stop contributing to our leftist Catholic parish in 2008.     I saw a Catholic Church allowing Catholics to vote for a Democrat who said letting a botched abortion baby die on a cold steel table was ok, because he favored “social justice” such as amnesty for illegal aliens.    A few strong Catholic priests and bishops spoke out, but every parish priest  should have put out Pope Benedict’s message that you can’t support abortion or any politician that openly supports the murder of fetuses.    And yes, reportedly a majority of Catholics somehow voted as Jesuits:  anything your conscience can justify is morally valid (in the vernacular:  “to hell with what the pope instructs!”)

I made the decision that I could no longer give money to a church which would grossly misuse my small offering; my money would be much better used donating to conservative causes that will help rid this country of a most  immoral and enormously corrupt administration.


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  1. Sandy Says:

    Hello PoliticalDoc,

    I also have stopped giving as much. I do however give what it takes to sustain me in the Church as I only think that is fair. It does take money to have Mass, electric, Priest etc… I do go to Mass and feel it is my every obligation to pay what it cost for me. Several of my friends have done the same.

    I did this for the “sexual abuse scandal” and the way it was handled. However this is what I do with the left over.

    I give it to Charities such as St. Jude, for the help of those who have been abused by our Priest, school supplies for kids, etc…

    I do agree we as Catholics are going to have to take a stand on what we absolutely see as wrong. Me and some of my friends felt this was the best way also.

    Thanks for the post, Sandy

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