Sen. Cornyn, you have some explaining to do

Sen. Cornyn was booed in Austin this past summer when he appeared at a Tea Party rally.    He played the conservative when running for re-election in 2008, but has failed to even acknowledge the Tea Party movement in Texas.    He made no mention of the Tea Party 9-12 March when he was on Meet the Press the day after.      He is playing the usual McCain  politics as head of the NRSC , supporting very NON-conservative candidates as long as they have alot of money and he thinks they can win in 2010.     And then he expects Tea Party Republicans to donate money to the NRSC for him to dole out to candidates a conservative could never vote for.    It is becoming increasingly irritating to conservatives such as Eric Erickson who now asks Cornyn to step down from the NRSC.

The Tea Party conservatives and libertarians have made it quite clear that politics as usual will not be tolerated and that includes the Republicans who think they can put on the cowboy hat and boots before an election and fool us into believing you are conservative.    It won’t work for Kay Bailey Hutchison or John Cornyn.   Tea party people will have long memories.


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