Larry Sinclair’s final update on the fraudulent Capt. Connie Rhodes letter

Mr. Sinclair states he is taking down his blog on Sept. 23, so his above  link won’t work supposedly after 12 noon on Wed. Sept. 23.

The above post  is a long cumulative post  documenting his research on the letter which he feels certain is forged and names the male friend of Rhodes who most likely faxed the letter from the previously stated OfficeMax in Columbus Georgia.   Strangest part is that the clerks in Judge Land’s court continue to state the letter is legitimate, but also state it will be a problem if an “original” does not arrive (assumed notarized) from Iraq.

Larry Sinclair has attempted to email Capt. Rhodes to get her story.    At this juncture NO ONE has verifed that Rhodes is indeed in Iraq and that she did or did not write the letter.


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