Who keeps sabotaging Orly Taitz?

After Judge Land’s unusual and scathing ruling in the Capt. Connie Rhodes case,  I intentionally decided to take a break.   Bad decision on my part.  The intrigue continues after Orly asked Judge Land for a re-hearing, he threatened to sanction/fine her $10,000.   Even weirder a letter from Capt. Rhodes  trashing Orly was received by the court, with Capt. Rhodes stating she had never approved Orly’s asking for a re-hearing and she planned to deploy to Iraq with her unit.

Now Larry Sinclair,  (if you don’t know who this person is  Google his name) of all people,  has proven that the Capt. Rhodes letter was forged and not faxed to the court by Capt. Rhodes.   The letter was not notarized and should never have been admitted into the evidence/docket of this case.

Here are some links if you want more of this weirder and weirder case:  http://www.larrysinclair-0926.blogspot.com/

John Charlton:  http://thepostnemail.wordpress.com/2009/09/19/rhodes-letter-a-forgery/


Orly’s website has been hacked innumerable times that I have never tried to link to it for that reason.


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3 Responses to “Who keeps sabotaging Orly Taitz?”

  1. ahrcanum Says:

    John Galt.

  2. Harry H Says:

    If Judge Land accepts another false document, along with the Annenberg Foundation’s COLB (Obama was chairman for years of the Annenberg Chicago Challenge), he should be impeached.

  3. Carolyn Bollard Says:

    Eric Holder is getting to the judge. They will never win and this is not going away. There are too many people out there that want Obama out of the oval office before he destories our country.

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