Judge Carter gives Obama a discovery stay until Oct. 5th

For those of you who have recovered from the Judge Land scathing, here is a motion to stay (that is, halt) discovery ruling by Judge Carter in Orly Taitz’s California case  (Capt. Pamela Barnes vs Obama).     Oct. 5th is the hearing date where Judge Carter can either dismiss the suit or proceed to trial in January. There is a statement that the trial could be postponed if discovery can’t be completed by January.
If Orly is lucky this time to get a trial date, it will be postponed at least once.  Trial dates get postponed routinely for a variety of reasons.

ADDENDA:  Great  technical discussion  of the “discovery” process by John Charlton


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2 Responses to “Judge Carter gives Obama a discovery stay until Oct. 5th”

  1. diane contino Says:

    Please don’t delay this case. Obama has no business even being in America, he is an alien and he is greatly harming us. I believe some may be from lack of experience however I believe he does not care at all about the US. He doesn’t like rich white Americans and doesn’t seem to have done anything for the poor African Americans. He is misrepresenting his race — he is only 6% negro and he is 44% Arab — he must be at least 12% negro to be classified as such thus we have an Arab-American alien occupying the White House and “Running” our country. Get him out before he damages us any more. LET’S ROLL!

  2. alex Says:

    obamas real name is barry soetoro., he never legally changed his name back to barack obama. obama is an illegal alien status from indonesia he never filled out govt paperwork to come back to usa as a citizen. treason charges should be filed on him and anyone else who knew about him being illegal. supreme court , pelosi, dem party.

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