Are you a Democrat, Republican, or a Tea Party Texan?

Couldn’t pass this one up.  A little Texas humor.


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2 Responses to “Are you a Democrat, Republican, or a Tea Party Texan?”

  1. despicable Says:

    am all for responsible reporting on the public airwaves! Those that use the airwaves to deliberately and repeatedly use fabrications that are not true, are dangerous to the public safety and to the constitution that is supposed to guarantee our rights of free speech. Americans have free speech rights, … but not the freedom to shout “FIRE!” when their is no fire, inside a crowded theatre!
    The irresponsable reporting by the likes of “Glenn Beck” creates a “mob” mentality! A mob mentality that can and will (according to history) incite to violence, those of the mob, against those that are different, from the mob!
    Let’s face it! There are those in america that are looking forward to inciting a “RACE WAR,” and are using the public air waves and the fact of a black president to incite mobs to act violently against the government of the USA!
    You have to be blind to not recognize the conservative movement direction toward insurection of a pluralistic and multi-cultural america and instituting in it’s place what existed in our racist fundamentalist bigoted past!
    All of this backward movement toward our unenlightened past is being done in the name of fighting “COMMUNISM!

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    Do leftists have no sense of humor? This response to a joke? FYI, Obama was mentored by communists and joined the communist New Party in
    Chicago. Several self described communists are on the taxpayer payroll thanks to Obama.
    Our government is on fire and we need to prevent it from burning down completely.
    Have a nice day!

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