We now celebrate Ramadan in the White House, but Christmas is now “Winter Holiday”

I think I speak for a lot of people who are intensely bothered by a president who hosts a solemn Ramadan dinner, but would not host or attend  a White House Prayer Breakfast. For a purported Christian, our POTUS has  never selected a  family church in DC.   No one would care if all religions were treated equally in this administration, but Islam certainly is shown favoritism.  I read not long ago that FBI, CIA & State Dept employees were encouraged to attend and staff booths at a prominent Muslim event in DC.
We all remember on Stephanopolous’  Sunday show Obama’s faux pas:    “My Muslim Faith, ” with George quickly correcting Obama. This appearedto be  more than a Freudian slip. Obama’s foreign policy so far makes the average American worry just how much Obama’s Muslim upbringing is directing his presidential actions.
Joe Wilson’s outburst of “you lie!” hit the mark in many homes, and not just about illegal immigrants.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Good people are trying to fight back against the Islamization of America, before Sharia becomes our law.


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One Response to “We now celebrate Ramadan in the White House, but Christmas is now “Winter Holiday””

  1. Patricia Jack Says:

    I truely am scarred of what will be left of our nation when Obama leaves office. The people who follow him are either blind and deaf, or are to ashamed that they voted for him to admit that they made a mistake.

    This man and his administration, are leading us down the straight path to trouble- and most people don’t care. When we forget God in our government and homes- and are forced to see other cults put first, there will be a punishment from God.

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