launches today–please check it out. Your country needs you.

Alright,  you’ve gone to your local Tea Party and maybe you were  even  able to go to the 9-12 March in DC.   Now is the time for all good men and women to come to the aid of their country.    Consider registering at  campus if you are presently a college student or if you are an alumna or if you simply want to be a “friend” of a particular college.  This is a new massive website that the Leadership Institute in Arlington Virginia is launching today with a “sub website” for almost every 4 year college in the country.  The goal is to organize conservative college students and also their parents, grandparents,  and friends to form conservative enclaves for activism and teaching purposes on our university campuses.   Even if you send a conservative son or daughter to campus, they are inundated with leftist ideology.   The Leadership Institute is trying to help young and not so young conservatives fight back in the spirit of the Tea Party movement.

The wise elderly was the only age demographic that strongly voted against Obama.    You wise folks need to help your college age granchildren find the conservative “light.”

The younger than 30 demographic helped to elect Obama.   We cannot let that happen again.


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  1. Morton Blackwell Says:

    Thanks for your nice notice of

    Leadership Institute donors have generously made our new website possible.

    Check out all the features, action ideas, and resources we have built into it. A friend of mine told me today that the online communities which can now be formed on every campus through remind him of the Committees of Correspondence which formed in America before our Revelolution. There’s merit in that analogy.

    Any conservative who doesn’t sign on and participate should lose the right to complain that so many colleges and universities are left-wing indoctrination centers.

    Thanks again.

    Morton Blackwell

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