What part of ILLEGAL does the White House not understand?

I read this MSNBC article before I went to bed and could not sleep since it made no sense.  http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2009/09/11/2065287.aspx
The White House/POTUS is saying that illegal aliens cannot buy insurance from the new proposed insurance exchange, but can buy in the present “private market.”  Please tell me how an illegal can get any insurance without the required valid Social Security number required of all American citizens? And why oh why would we encourage illegals,  HERE ILLEGALLY,  to buy insurance instead of deporting them? The American people are fed up with the federal government spouting policy for illegals when the LAW says they should not even be in this country!!    If someone cannot prove he/she is a citizen or legal resident, he should not have access to ANY type of American healthcare insurance.   It should be noted that  Mexican citizens frequently return to Mexico for their free socialized healthcare system.  Also notable is that the wealthy non-citizens who come to the  United States   LEGALLY  for our excellent healthcare pay cash to hospitals and doctors.

When the American taxpayers presently pay all the healthcare costs of illegals through “emergency Medicaid,”  why in the world would an illegal have any reason to purchase healthcare insurance?   Why can’t hospitals take care of illegals for a medical emergency, but then be obligated to report every one of them to ICE for eventual deportation?   California is learning it cannot continue to foot the bill for the medical costs of illegals.    Congress,  please stop encouraging illegals to remain in the US.

Addenda:  Here is a Free Republic thread about the same MSNBC article, pointing out that Obama admits his plan will destroy the private insurance market.


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