Bill Ayers on Purdue panel—likely graduation speaker next spring?

As I predicted ( see prior post in April),  Bill Ayers will force his way onto college campuses.
Bill Ayers has been invited to be on an  education panel at Purdue University. Which college will be the first to invite him to speak as their commencement speaker?

Another article from the Purdue campus newspaper.

ADDENDA: new article about possible prosecution of Dohrn & Ayers for 1970’s San Francisco police officer killing.


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One Response to “Bill Ayers on Purdue panel—likely graduation speaker next spring?”

  1. Kevin Says:

    Bill Ayers speaking at one of the finest University’s in the country speaks loudly about the extremely liberal educational system that we have in this country. This guy is dung! He bombed and murdered innocent people yet he is honored as a great speaker at Purdue. God almighty, what has this world come too. And to the staff at Purdue who made this happen,
    You should be ashamed to call yourselves Americans….

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