Obama is too busy to talk about an American citizen held hostage by Muslims

I do not understand how  those Americans who voted for Obama can now support this commander in chief who is too busy micromanaging the housing crisis to even comment on a very brave American sea pilot who has now for several days been held hostage by MUSLIM,  yes MUSLIM pirates!   The leftist mainstream media, always trying to protect their messiah,  has had the audacity to say that Obama should “stay out of this problem”, as if he can’t be bothered worrying about the life of a precious American citizen.   Send in the Marines!  They leave no man behind!   

What will this wimp do when the next big international crisis arises?  And you can be assured that he will be challenged as so wisely predicted by our vice-president.

The whole world now knows the USA is now being lead by a WIMP–watch out for more challenges from North Korea, China, Iran and many more terrorist filled countries.


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