Obama will decide “worthy” medical treatment–rationing is coming

The Heritage Foundation has been prolific lately, putting out information and warnings about what we can expect with Obama’s socialist policies.    The scariest part of the stimulus bill which has not gotten alot of attention, but which was inputted by Daschle, is the “prequel”  to universal healthcare.   Heritage Foundation  has a short scholarly paper on the healthcare provisions in the stimulus bill and  is worth reading, as well as  numerous other articles at the Heritage website on Obama’s healthcare plan.

American Thinker has an article by Douglas O’Brien, (previously in the Bush administration) which is more direct:  “How the Stimulus Bill Could Kill You.”     The third paragraph quote:  “the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research would lower overall spending by determining which medicines, treatments and procedures are most effective–and identifying those that do not justify their high price tags.”    This sounds  like bureaucrats, and not doctors, will be making  decisions about life saving modalities.   As Rush would say, for those of you in Rio Linda, this means the government will be rationing your healthcare.  But the spookier implication  is that even if you can afford an expensive medical treatment, a board of bureaucrats will ban it if  they decide it is not cost effective.   If this doesn’t sound like socialized medicine, I don’t know what is.

Those of you (doctors included) who think univeral healthcare is the panacea, be careful what you wish for.   Finding a cure for cancer is never going to happen under Obama, because no company is going to spend millions of dollars to  research and develop new medical technologies and pharmaceuticals, and then have Obama’s Socialist Health Board  capriciously ban the product of its research, because the board thinks it is too expensive.    With all the problems the Messiah has had with his appointments, can you imagine who he would pick to make these literally life and death decisions?    Scary, very scary indeed.

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