Free Speech is Dead in The Netherlands

The American Spectator has a report that the Dutch court has changed its mind and is now going to prosecute Geert Wilders, parliamentarian and filmmaker,  for hate speech against Muslims.  His film, Fitna,  may not be available since many websites were pressured to take it down last March since many Muslims across the world “complained”.   Fitna  is graphic and scary, but since Obama has announced he will close Gitmo in one year, watching Fitna will remind everyone of the consequences of allowing Islamic terrorists set free or placed on US soil.

The “Islamic Lobby” have tried to make the United Nations “globally criminalize” any criticism of Islam–has not yet become official UN policy  to my knowledge.

Gatewaypundit  as of today has Fitna the Movie .

Here’s a great article from American Thinker.

Update 1-29-09: Another great article regarding UN ban on free speech


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