Keep up the good work, Senator Cornyn

There were reports at the inauguration today that Hillary Clinton was fervently scanning the crowd for Senator John Cornyn of Texas.  She finally caught up with him in   Statuary Hall.  Reports were that she grabbed his arm and there was a “heated” argument.   Why, you ask,  this verbal interchange with a Republican senator?

Senator Cornyn was the lone senator who objected to a verbal acclamation to confirm Hillary Clinton as Obama’s  Secretary of State and she was not one of the several  new cabinet members confirmed by the Senate today.    As do many Americans, Sen. Cornyn believes the conflict of interest posed with Bill Clinton’s foundation still collecting hugh donations from foreign countries  while Hillary “deals” with those same countries as Secretary of State, needs to be reviewed in the Senate.   Yes, Hillary will be confirmed, but she needs to undergo the appropriate vetting with an obvious conflict of interest her marriage to Bill Clinton presents.

Oh,  Sen. Cornyn learned well from his fellow Democratic senators, who four years ago  blocked the confirmation of Condi Rice for Secretary of State on inauguration day in 2005.    Turnabout is fair play.     Thank you, Sen. Cornyn, for doing the right thing—-now you need to block the tax evader Timothy Geithner from undeservedly being confirmed Secretary of Treasury


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