Maybe there is no Obama family Bible

I am sure anyone who follows  the news has heard that Obama will use Abraham Lincoln’s actual Bible to swear his oath to the Constitution.  The hype surrounding Obama’s inauguration (“immaculation” as Rush calls it) has become unbearable, with consistent comparisons to Lincoln and MLK.   Yes, it is very symbolic for the Messiah to use the Lincoln family Bible, but previous presidents have used their own family Bibles for the Presidential Oath.   You can imagine a new president wanting to “swear an oath on my mother’s grave”  to let the country know how much he believes in the Constitution.  The family Bible used for a Presidential Oath then becomes a part of the country’s history as well.

But maybe the reason Obama has to use the Lincoln Bible is because  there is no Obama family Bible—-remember that his mother and maternal grandparents were atheists.    His supposed father was Muslim–is there an Obama family koran?

Hail to the Usurper!   I still do not understand how Chief Justice Roberts can just ignore the Constitution.

ADDENDA 1-22-09: Did you notice that when Pres Obama retook the Presidential Oath, he did not use a Bible?   Obviously the Lincoln Bible went back to the Library of Congress.    Did the Obama family not bring a Bible from their home in Chicago?


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