Did you know that illegal aliens must register for Selective Service?

While researching college financial aid, I got sidetracked when I read that to be considered for financial aid, males age 18 to 25 have to have registered for Selective Service to be eligible for student  federal aid.    My state also has college financial aid  funds for which illegal aliens are eligible, but only if the male illegals are signed up with Selective Service.      And no, the illegals do not need a social security number to register as stated on the Selective Service System’ s home page.   If you read the lower left corner of the page, it explains that illegals are asked to register with SSS to preserve their citizenship rights, which includes getting a federal job in the future!

OK,  please be sure you understand that the US military has no interest in recruiting illegal aliens–an Army recruiter emailed me and said illegal aliens can’t join the Army from a recruiting office.  

I don’t know when the present Selective Service regulations were drafted,  but I think it is obvious that the federal government was counting on McCain’s Amnesty Bill to be passed in 2007 or at least the Dream Act in 2008 which would give citizenship to illegals who joined the military or enrolled in college.   Because legal American male students age 18 to 25 must register with the Selective Service to get government jobs and college financial aid,  it would not be politically correct to exempt illegal aliens.      And heaven forbid,  we can’t have the Selective Service regulations preventing Juan or Pablo getting federal financial aid so he can get his degree and work in the Executive branch—he just has to wait on that amnesty coming  down the pike with Senator McCain’s help.


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