Harry Reid on Meet The Press

If you missed David Gregory interviewing Harry Reid on MTP this morning, it is worth viewing it on MSNBC.   David Gregory did a great job of inducing several contradictory statements from Reid.   Early in the interview, Reid casually states that Jesse Jackson, Jr. was one of several good candidates for the Senate seat, and Gregory appears to ignore this ad lib by Reid.   However,  a Chicago paper,  Hillbuzz, and FireAndrea Mitchell  are reporting that Reid called Blago in early December to lobby against Blago appointing Jesse Jackson, Jr. and 2 other black Democrats.     And of course David comes back at Reid later in the interview confronting him with this information,  adding  after Reid essentially denied the charge, that the conversation may be on one of Fitzgerald’s tapes.   Reid admits to the phone call and that it may be on tape, but still denies he lobbied against Jesse Jackson, Jr.     Reid tries to argue he is not a racist; he is not successful.

Hopefully Patrick Fitzgerald will release a transcript of the Reid/Blago phone conversation when his investigation is over.


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