Democrats never resign, well almost never

American Thinker  has a great article this  past week outlining why Gov. Blagojevich should not resign.   I would add that there really never is an expectation that a Democrat politician will resign.   If President Clinton had been a Republican,  he would not have been allowed to remain  the president after the sullied blue dress was revealed.    If Senator Robert Byrd was a Republican and uttered his famous “white n-word”  remark,   he would  have been gone in days.    Then there is Democratic Congressman Jefferson from Louisiana who had $90,000 in frozen assets in his home freezer–no resignation of course.   Louisiana was lucky to boot Jefferson out of office and elect Cao,  a subdued but refreshing immigrant who escaped from Viet Nam in 1975.   Cao probably only won the election because it was delayed by Hurricane Katrina and once That One  was safely in, there was no reason for the black vote to trek to the polls.

But wait, there was a Democrat who resigned last week: John Harris, Blago’s Chief of Staff, who also was arrested the same day as  Blago and apparently is now  nowhere to be found.   A perusal of  the 80 page indictment reveals that Harris was listed as frequently  as  Blago  (perhaps more than Blago)  participating in the taped phone conversations.   As Blago’s right hand man,  Mr. Harris certainly could be helpful to  fill in the blanks in Patrick Fitzgerald’s investigation.     Has anyone seen Mr. Harris since he resigned?


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  1. politicaldoc Says:

    Chicago Sun-Times gossip columnist Michael Sneed (female) is reporting that Rahm Emanuel is reportedly on 21 different taped conversations by the feds.,CST-NWS-SNEED16.article

    Really hard to believe there was no discussion/dickering about Obama’a Senate seat!
    Could some of the discussion been about who would be “given” Emanuel’s congressional seat?

  2. politicaldoc Says:

    Here is another article regarding Emanuel’s communication with Blago. I still have not seen a significant article regarding John Harris probably cooperating with Fitzgerald, that is, making a deal. The relative (MSMand the blogosphere as well) silence surrounding John Harris is interesting.

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